Nativ for Life cultivate, process and commercialize our region own products, adding value and innovation to position ourselves as an exemplary show case to present South America to the whole world. The Southern Cone has traditionally provided the world with excellent food and medicinal plants.

Nativ for Life was founded in 2010 by the Food Engineers, Claudia Guiloff and Isabel Lecaros. With the idea of continue and exacerbate this tradition, the company has focused mainly on foreign countries but at the same time looking for spreading its value in Chile as well.


Our innovation lies in combining materials specific from our region with cutting edge technological processes. The idea is to vindicate the wisdom of our indigenous communities by providing a renewed force and supported by the scientific community, always looking for new ways to add value to this proposal. We focus on quality and functionality of our products, and promote social and environmental sustainability of the regions where our raw material is grown. A vision supported by institutions such as InnovaChile, USDA Organics and Kosher Chile

In 2011 we were recognized by CORFO and its Program Capital Semilla from InnovaChile, getting financing for further development of our enterprise

Our products are ; gluten free, kosher and raw vegan, non gmo obtained through the lowest possible processing at low temperature in order to keep intact nutritional and taste properties of fruits. This gives as result functional and gourmet products at a time, which, given their quality, safety, and versatility allow for various uses, both within the food industry, as well as in others, such as cosmetics.

Our company is committed to fair trade, providing decent and well paid work that contributes to local communities of small farmers and collectors, on one hand, and recognizing and recovering the value of the traditional customs of our native communities on the other. We also recognize the responsibility to contribute to the promotion and conservation of biodiversity as a source of collective wealth and to the improvement of our life quality.


Nativ for Life RAW MATERIAL, maquiberry and murtaberry are wild harvest in the Chilean Patagonia, and blueberries and cranberries are cultivated in the south of Chile.

Nativ for Life Process
Freeze-drying is a process where frozen raw materials are placed in a refrigerated vacuum chamber and without thawing the material it is dehydrated – the ice is sublimated into water vapor and extracted.

During this process, the cellular structure of the ingredient remains intact, and since the process doesn't involve heat, the product conserves its nutritional value, color, flavor, scent, and it is moisturized in a better way again that after other drying methods.

Kosher in Hebrew means “Fit” or Proper” , and is generally used to describe foods that are prepared in accordance with special Kosher dietary laws.

Who is buying Kosher foods?

- Jews
- And others consumer who believes kosher is better
- The Muslims
- The vegetarian/ lactose intolerant consumer

Why to keep Kosher?

Keeping Kosher is considered a mitzvah, the fulfillment of commandments from God.

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